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Changing Perceptions

Did you know the Consider The Person Campaign releases a quarterly newsletter? Each newsletter brings readers closer to the cause by providing information on the campaign, inside stories of Housing Voucher holders and landlords, and industry news. The newsletter highlights any media coverage the campaign has received and where you can find it. If you […]

Living Off Minimum Wage in the Ninth Most Expensive State

Earlier this month The New York Times created a minimum wage calculator. The program allows you to plug in your average monthly expenses including: housing, utilities, transportation, health care, food, loans and debit, taxes. Minimum wage in Maryland is $7.25, giving workers a yearly income of $14,500. Last year, Maryland was voted the ninth most […]

What Landlords Need to Know, Part 1

As an owner or manager of a rental unit, it is important that you select the appropriate tenant for your unit.  This process is not always easy, especially when you wish to consider voucher holders from the Housing Choice Voucher Program which requires adherence to federal guidelines. There are a number of rules and regulations […]