A glimpse into the life of a Housing Choice Voucher Holder- Part 1

A Housing Choice Voucher isn’t just a housing subsidy. To a voucher holder, it is also an opportunity to choose a community where their family can thrive. Below is a story of how a Housing Choice Voucher made the difference for member of our community.

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 In 2008, Tameka Johnson, a mother of two young children, was struggling to keep the rent and bills paid. In the process of obtaining her voucher, Johnson gained custody of her 11-year-old brother and her 14-year-old sister. Foster care placed the children with their sister under the stipulation that she would provide them with better living arrangements. Johnson rose to the challenge; she knew she wanted her children and siblings to live in a peaceful neighborhood and was able to find community and home that best fit her and her family’s needs.

By moving to a new environment and attending quality schools, Johnson’s siblings were able to succeed and reach their full potential. Upon completing high school, Johnson’s siblings continued with their studies and were eventually able to move out on their own. Her sister went on to complete her master’s degree and her brother graduated from culinary school. Johnson’s youngest child is also doing well in and thriving in an excellent school.

While Johnson was providing for her children and siblings with a stable full-time job, she was able to obtain a three-year degree in seminary studies. When reflecting on the voucher program, Johnson says it has helped her to be able to pay her bills on time and maintain great credit, which helps her continue to qualify for quality rental housing. She continued, “People view voucher holders as not being able to fit into neighborhoods, but people become a product of their environment and my siblings and kids are proof of that!”

The Housing Choice Program helped Johnson financially to provide them with a healthy and happy living environment. In doing so, Johnson and her family were able to thrive and succeed!

To learn more about the Housing Choice Program visit http://considertheperson.org/community/

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