A glimpse into the life of Housing Choice Voucher Holder- Part 3

Many people seek out a voucher to help them strive for a better life.house keys

Shaunae Wheeler works as a mobility bus driver and is also a general nursing assistant with a private in-home care practice. When she had her son, Kevin, nine years ago, she saw the Housing Choice Voucher program as an opportunity to live in a better neighborhood. “I just wanted out. I wanted the best for my son,” she recalls. Over the years, having a voucher has allowed Wheeler to get additional tutoring support for Kevin, who struggles with ADHD, as well as keeping him enrolled in various activities like soccer and karate.

When she first moved into her new neighborhood, she received a whole-hearted welcome from a neighbor who brought her a house-warming gift. To this day, everyone on the block still helps one another out. As for her home, she and her landlord both extend themselves to tend to the property.“My landlord is awesome,” she says, “but it’s also what you make of your property, as well”. Being able to choose where she lives with her housing voucher has ultimately elevated her standard of living. She states proudly that her son won’t ever have memories of growing up in a bad neighborhood. If I didn’t have a voucher, there would be no way I could save money, take care of my child and plan for my future.”

To learn more about the Housing Choice Program visit http://considertheperson.org/community/


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