A glimpse into the life of Housing Choice Voucher Holder- Part 4

When tragedy strikes, many people turn to the Housing Choice Voucher Program to help keep them on their feet.house

In 2009, Sandra Dorsey’s daughter suddenly passed away. Since then, Dorsey has done everything in her power to give her granddaughter, Jasmine, a wonderful life. With the help of her Housing Choice voucher, Ms. Dorsey has been able raise Jasmine in a great home and environment; she recalls, “I didn’t think I was going to make it. I think it’s a great program; it has helped me a lot.”

Prior to the voucher, Dorsey struggled to find Jasmine the special education support she needed in her local school. Today, Jasmine is now in the 10th grade at a local public school where she has an excellent individualized education plan, receives quality special education services and is performing well. Dorsey has become very active in her community. She volunteers at her daughter’s school, spends time with local seniors and plans activities for the neighborhood kids.

To learn more about the Housing Choice Program visit http://considertheperson.org/community/

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