An Interview with a Property Manager: Bethany Hooper

The success of the Housing Choice Voucher Program depends on participation of landlords and property managers that can offer adequate housing in thriving, safe communities.  Humphrey Management, a full-service, residential property management firm, is committed to creating and enhancing lively apartment complexes for communities, including Housing Choice voucher holders. Humphrey Management has always accepted voucher holders; it’s just how they do business.

Bethany Hooper, President and Owner of Humphrey Management, spoke with the Consider the Person campaign about why Humphrey Management happily accepts voucher holders.

“Humphrey Management participates in the voucher program, because we really don’t care about source of income. I know that’s a criticism sometimes, but we’ve got a high level of maintenance standards that we maintain, and so we don’t have any concerns about housing authority inspections.  And it’s the right thing to do.  For us it is.  We are very diverse in our organization and in our resident profile, and we want to provide good housing to people.  All people.” –Bethany Hooper

She continues by explaining the importance of accepting people from diverse backgrounds, “Humphrey Management likes to participate in the housing voucher program, because it fulfills our mission.  We want to create thriving communities and communities don’t thrive unless they’re diverse, whether it’s socially or economically.  And the participation in that program helps achieve that goal for us.”

Learn more about Humphrey Management and their mission to provide safe housing options to voucher holder in the complete interview.

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