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A glimpse into the life of Housing Choice Voucher Holder- Part 4

When tragedy strikes, many people turn to the Housing Choice Voucher Program to help keep them on their feet. In 2009, Sandra Dorsey’s daughter suddenly passed away. Since then, Dorsey has done everything in her power to give her granddaughter, Jasmine, a wonderful life. With the help of her Housing Choice voucher, Ms. Dorsey has […]

A glimpse into the life of Housing Choice Voucher Holder- Part 3

Many people seek out a voucher to help them strive for a better life. Shaunae Wheeler works as a mobility bus driver and is also a general nursing assistant with a private in-home care practice. When she had her son, Kevin, nine years ago, she saw the Housing Choice Voucher program as an opportunity to […]

A glimpse into the life of Housing Choice Voucher Holder-Part 2

Tonya Randall is a Baltimore City employee and two months away from receiving her master’s in Management Accounting. For the past two years, she and her two children have been living in Owings Mills with the help of a Housing Choice Voucher. In 2004, Ms. Randall purchased a home in a wonderful neighborhood. However five […]

A glimpse into the life of a Housing Choice Voucher Holder- Part 1

A Housing Choice Voucher isn’t just a housing subsidy. To a voucher holder, it is also an opportunity to choose a community where their family can thrive. Below is a story of how a Housing Choice Voucher made the difference for member of our community.  In 2008, Tameka Johnson, a mother of two young children, […]

David Mosely: A Success Story

David Mosely, a current Housing Choice Voucher Homeownership client, was featured in this Consider the Person video talking about how the program helped him have a place to live while saving to purchase a home of his own.  Mr. Mosely, who suffers from severe disabilities, works at the local Home Depot and participated in the […]