David Mosely: A Success Story

mosely_newDavid Mosely, a current Housing Choice Voucher Homeownership client, was featured in this Consider the Person video talking about how the program helped him have a place to live while saving to purchase a home of his own.  Mr. Mosely, who suffers from severe disabilities, works at the local Home Depot and participated in the Housing Commission of Anne Arundel County’s Family Self-Sufficiency Program.  The Program allowed him to save a portion of his income each month to be applied to the purchase of a home.

After enrolling in Arundel Community Development Services, Inc.’s (ACDS) Homeownership Counseling Program (http://www.acdsinc.org/html/programs_s03.htm), Mr. Mosely was able to budget and save further, and take advantage of the Maryland Homeownership for Individuals with Disabilities (HIPD) Program.  He ultimately realized his long term dream of homeownership and closed on his home in November 2013.

When we caught up with Mr. Mosely he was all  moved into his 1,000 square foot, three bedroom ranch home (pictured above) and was thrilled to show it off.  He was enjoying having a backyard of his own, and said that he felt really good about himself for this life changing accomplishment. He was able to budget and purchase something affordable on his income.

Now, with the help of the ACDS Accessibility Modifications Program, Mr. Mosely has obtained a zero interest loan and has started the process of making some improvements to his home to make it more accessible for his motorized wheel chair.  Improvements include accessibility modifications to the galley kitchen and the installation of a concrete ramp and paved sidewalk leading from the driveway to the front door.

“I am enjoying this journey, which started with being a renter and getting some help, and now has me owning my own home on my own. “  – David Mosley, Former Housing Choice Voucher Homeownership Client, New Homeowner