Homeownership Month

Williams_family_cropOwning a home has long been the American Dream. A house provides much more than just a shelter; it is where you and your family create memories that last a lifetime. June is National Homeownership Month, and we at Consider the Person understand the value of owning a home.

The Housing Choice Voucher program (HCV) was developed to help low income, disabled and elderly members of our community purchase (or lease) safe and affordable housing. The program assists more than two million American families and approximately 45,000 families receive voucher assistance in Maryland. Currently there are not enough housing opportunities for the program and many Voucher Holders wait well over five years to be placed in a home.

The HCV offers an additional Homeownership Program, which is a great opportunity for participants who strive to become homeowners. The Homeownership Programs allows voucher holders to receive assistance while simultaneously saving for their future home.  Many success stories come from this program, including David Mosley. Learn more about how Mosley overcame his disability and purchased his own home through Housing Choice Voucher Homeownership program.

As we reflect on the importance of homeownership this month, it is important to realize many members of our community struggle each day to provide shelter for their families. The Consider The Person strives to change the hearts and minds of landlords and community members about participants in the Housing Choice Voucher program. In doing so, more opportunities and successes will become available for those that need assistance. For more information about The Consider The Person Campaign, visit http://considertheperson.org/

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