There are many property owners who choose to participate in the program and lease their rental properties to Voucher Program participants. Program participants typically have 60 days to rent a unit after receiving their vouchers. Unfortunately, a number of people who receive vouchers must return them because they are unable to rent a unit within the required timeframe. Therefore, there is always a need for more landlords to participate in the program, especially landlords with rental properties in safe, stable neighborhoods.

Here are more facts:

  • Landlords are encouraged to screen all applicants, regardless of their status as a voucher holder, and to apply the same screening criteria to every applicant to comply with Fair Housing laws. A landlord may reject an applicant who does not meet those screening criteria. There previously was a rule that if a landlord accepted one person with a voucher, the landlord had to accept any potential renter who had a voucher; that no longer the case.
  • Landlords receive rental payments from both the Voucher Program participant and the local housing agency that has issued the voucher.
  • The Voucher Program participant must pay his or her part of the rent on time. In the rare event that the Voucher Program participant loses his or her job, and therefore has no income, the full rent is paid by the Voucher Program. Participant’s portion of the rent is calculated based on one-third of their adjusted gross income.
  • The agency’s share of the rent is paid to participating landlords on time each month. Most agencies use direct deposit to ensure timely payment by the first of the month every month.
  • Voucher Program participants must comply with the lease requirements. If a participant violates the lease, the landlord may evict the Voucher Program participant, just as the landlord would evict any tenant who violates the lease.
  • Each property owner participating in the program must have their properties inspected once upon entering the program, and then once annually to ensure that the properties meet Housing Quality Standards. Landlords may need to conduct maintenance to keep the property in compliance.