Living Off Minimum Wage in the Ninth Most Expensive State

Earlier this month The New York Times created a minimum wage calculator. The program allows you to plug in your average monthly expenses including: housing, utilities, transportation, health care, food, loans and debit, taxes. Minimum wage in Maryland is $7.25, giving workers a yearly income of $14,500.

wage calculator

Last year, Maryland was voted the ninth most expensive state to live in by CNBC, requiring workers to earn a minimum of $24.47/hour to afford a two-bedroom unit at Fair Market Rent.  At minimum wage, Maryland workers need to work 135 hours per week to afford a two-bedroom unit at Fair Market Rent, without paying more than 30 percent of their income.

The average annual income of a Housing Choice Voucher holder is $15,810. Without the help of the program, many families would not be able to afford basic needs. Maryland is facing a significant problem placing these innocent families and individuals in homes.  The Consider the Person Campaign is fighting to break these misconceptions and keep these families in homes. If they don’t use their voucher, their next step is often homelessness.

For more information on how the campaign is helping individuals and families in Maryland, please visit


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