The Campaign

Welcome to the website of the Consider the Person Campaign. Throughout our state, participants in the Housing Choice Voucher Program (formerly known as the Section 8 program) are being prevented from accessing housing opportunity, simply because they are participants in this program.

The Consider the Person campaign seeks to change the hearts and minds of landlords and community members regarding participants in the Housing Choice Voucher holders.

Housing Choice Voucher program participants are often working professionals, elderly and veterans, families and individuals. Like anyone, they want to be a part of and contribute to a thriving community

All too often, language used to describe voucher holders is comprised of stereotypes, misconceptions and racism. The Consider the Person campaign was created specifically to address those perceptions head-on, and to promote fair and affordable housing opportunities in the Baltimore region. Several organizations in the region came together and made a commitment to address these issues.

The Community Development Network of Maryland (formerly known as the Maryland ABCD Network)” was an early participant in these discussions and raised the funds to develop this campaign.

Several of the misconceptions are identified and corrected as part of this campaign throughout the website.